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Increasingly harsh climate, the earth's temperature affects human heath. High temperature also effects labour productivity.

The built environment includes large areas of roof surface which can absorb the Sun's radiation to act as solar radiators.

It makes sense to design a barrier that combats the specific heat source, and that means reflecting the Sun's rays before they're absorbed as heat.

By reflecting more of the Sun's radiation, INTEK Heat Insulation Paint can keep surfaces cooler to help reduce heat buildup in roof spaces that can filter into living zones

Galvanised roof can be up to 65+°C surface temperature. The heat gain to roof can filter to occupancy zones in warm conditions.

By applying INTEK Heat Insulation Paint helps surface temperature can be 10°C - 26°C cooler. More radiant energy reflected before it’s absorbed cooler roof surfaces transmit less heat to occupancy zones

Weathered Galvanised roof /Zincalume/ Painted and Dark Coloured roofs often absorb large amounts of solar radiation which can in-turn transmit heat into occupancy zones.  INTEK Heat Insulation Paint reflects light energy in the first instance - before heat is absorbed, meaning insulation & cooling efficiencies are maximised.

What benefits of INTEK Heat Insulation Paint ?

* Reduce cooling costs, significant cooling energy savings are possible using INTEK Heat Insulation Paint.
* Improve occupancy comfort, increase productivity.
* In non-air conditioned facilities such as workshops and warehousing, it can translate to cooler working and warehousing facilities.
* Protect properties.
* Built factories, mainternaince cases: Do not effect to living, activities production.
* By lowering cooling energy demand, INTEK Heat Insulation Paint has been identified as part of an effective mitigation strategy, to reduce global carbon emissions.

INTEK products are properties of ABS International Paint JSC. 
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Product conforms to the standards: TCVN 8652:2012 and TCVN 9014: 2011

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INTEK Heat Insulation Paint

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